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Olympic Casino Slovakia operates the most modern casinos in Slovakia. The company operates 4 live games casinos in Bratislava, Košice and Trnava. Each of our casino offers a complete range of table games, slot machines by the world's largest producers and comfortable sitting in the lounge bar.

Olympic Bars

Olympic Casino Slovakia offer you not just a Casino. It is a glamorous entertainment in our lounge bars venue that combines live concerts and parties, gripping sports events and thrill-seeking guests.

Each Casino offers you luxurious spaces of our lounge bars. With Us you will get the best mixed drinks, a pleasant sitting and a place for business meetings.

Top winningsin Slovakia

€ 186,170.00

One bet, one combination - and the fantastic win could be yours.

€ 34,490.00


May 292024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 25,000.00


Jun 122024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 21,000.00


May 162024Olympic Casino TrnavaTrnava

€ 17,445.00


May 302024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 17,370.00


May 262024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 16,000.00


Jun 122024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 15,000.00


Jun 032024Olympic Casino Bratislava, EuroveaBratislava

€ 13,965.00


May 252024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 13,375.00


May 262024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 12,525.00


Jun 092024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

Charming Las Vegas will open its doors to you right here in Slovakia!

It is a privilege to be a first-time visitor because on your first four visits you will be greeted to Olympic Casino with a welcoming drink and free starting money.

Olympic Club Cards

The Olympic Casino club card is much more than just a regular loyalty card. As a holder of our club card, you can enjoy splendid benefits and special offers both at our bars and within various campaigns. In addition to this, you can earn MONEY with our card.
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