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After fulfilling the condition, you will receive a lottery ticket, which entitles you to try to open the safe 1x.

If you manage to open the safe, you get a prize worth at least €300. If no one manages to open the safe, the amount in the safe is increased by €100 the next day.

There will always be 10 winning combinations. Each time the safe is opened, the game starts again, that is, 10 new winning combinations are generated.

Conditions for opening the safe:
• On roulette, bet on the number 0, 10, 20 and 30 (st up) with a bet of at least €2
• At BJ, get a pair in color (red, black) with a bet of at least €5
• Get 3 of kind and above at UTH with a bet of €2 or more + trips

Throw all the tickets in the bin and 29.2. the final draw of the game will take place. We draw 3x100€ at 21:00, 3x150€ at 22:00 and 3x200€ at 23:00.

The winner must be present at the final draw.

Campaign details

Olympic Casino KosiceKošiceHappy hourCampaign typeFeb 01 2024Apr 30 2024TUE, THU, FRI, SUN 6pm to 12amGame credit

For players on tables
Game type
Happy Hour
Start date
End Date
Top winningsin Slovakia

€ 209,550.50

€ 41,700.00


Apr 042024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 24,632.00


Mar 202024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 23,650.00


Apr 042024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 21,471.00


Apr 032024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 18,925.00


Mar 252024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 17,355.00


Apr 142024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 16,640.00


Mar 282024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 16,540.00


Apr 042024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 14,637.50


Apr 112024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 14,000.00


Mar 262024Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

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